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Celebrity Cruises: 5 reasons to choose this cruise line

Are you planning a cruise and wondering which company is best for you? It is quite obvious that your travel advisor will guide you to the right decision according to your needs. But to feed your thoughts, here are five reasons to think about Celebrity Cruises for your next sea vacation!

5 reasons to choose Celebrity Cruises for your next cruise:

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The Always Included formula

First of all, it’s impossible to talk about Celebrity Cruises without mentioning its Always Included program. What is it? This all-inclusive package turns your cruise into a true turnkey vacation!

All Celebrity Cruises cruises, without exception, now include the “Classic” drink package which includes a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the “Surf” WiFi package as well as general cruise tips. It is also possible to upgrade the basic package in order to get even more inclusions. Ask your travel advisor now!

Elegance in all its forms

Celebrity Cruises’ ships are designed in finesse and elegance, offering guests an accessible premium product. Whether in the choice of materials or colors used to dress the ship or the quality of the furniture on board, everything is designed to offer a luxury experience. The same applies to the service provided by employees. Every traveler will have the feeling of being considered and will feel pampered on a daily basis.

Comfort without compromise

No doubt: on board Celebrity Cruises ships, you will never have to compromise on comfort. Whether you’re in your cabin, sitting in a dining room, or sitting anywhere else on the ship, you’ll simply be… Ok. With these high-quality facilities, you can enjoy your holiday to relax both your mind and body. Fancy a unique experience? Choose a cabin with an “Infinite Veranda” type balcony. In these cabins, it is possible to completely open the access to the balcony, which then becomes an extension of the room. You will enjoy the pure air of the sea as well as an even larger living space.

Itineraries to dream of

Want to discover every corner of the planet? Celebrity Cruises will get you where you want it to be. With more than 300 destinations in 79 countries, the company has an absolutely diverse offer. From the Far North to the South Pacific via the Middle East and Africa, you can tick several hooks on your bucketlist. One of the destinations celebrity cruises is particularly proud to offer is the Galapagos Islands. The company has deployed three yachts of different sizes (16, 48 and 100 passengers) to meet the different needs of travelers. Find out more about these extraordinary itineraries!

A chic and relaxed atmosphere

Despite the luxurious services offered on board, despite the elegance of each of its ships and despite the high quality of services, you do not have to worry. Your holiday remains a holiday and you will find a relaxed atmosphere on board. Rest assured: some organized events will give you the opportunity to take out your best clothes! That said, Celebrity Cruises wants you to spend a stay without having to break your head. All this makes you want to experience Celebrity Cruises? Contact your travel advisor quickly to choose an itinerary and a ship that you will like!