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Aurora Expeditions: for extraordinary cruises

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Are you looking for an extraordinary cruise, off the beaten track that will give you unforgettable emotions? Look no further. Aurora Expeditions, an Australian cruise line specializing in adventure cruising, will amaze you.

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Aurora Expeditions cruises in video

Adventure first

Award-winning Aurora Expeditions celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021 and is firmly built on its founding principles of adventure and exploration without limits.

A true pioneer of polar expeditions, Aurora Expeditions takes its customers on journeys that change perspectives in some of the most remote and incredible places on the planet.

Get ready to think outside the box and explore a wild and unexpected world.

Rekindle your curiosity, passion and interest in nature, and make your wildest dreams come true on an unforgettable trip to the Arctic, Antarctica and beyond, by joining an expedition with Aurora Expeditions.

Ships designed for the discovery…

Specifically designed to discover the jewels of the world, Aurora Expeditions’ expedition-designed ships, the Greg Mortimer and the Sylvia Earle, harness the latest advances in naval design and technology that truly revolutionize navigation aboard small expedition ships.

The Ulstein X-BOW® hull makes navigation smoother and faster, and exploration on land is facilitated by four Zodiac loading platforms at sea level, a cargo hold and an activity preparation area.

Aurora Expeditions is definitely equipped for adventure and to sail comfortably. The ships carry only 120 to 130 passengers, making it easy to get you where adventure awaits you, to the most remote and spectacular places on the planet.

Whether you’re diving, climbing, snowshoeing or paddling, Aurora Expeditions’ uniquely designed activities and sea kayak launch platform make it easy to prepare for adventure.

… but also comfortable

Taking an expedition cruise doesn’t mean you’re going to sleep on a hammock! With Aurora Expeditions, the opposite awaits you.

The cabins of the ships are beautifully appointed, with simple and neutral colors inspired by nature.

Choose from a range of configurations and features, including twin and double bed options, private balconies, and connecting cabins for a multi-party adventure.

A dedicated expedition teams

When you choose to travel with Aurora Expeditions, you make the choice to travel with the most experienced, professional and passionate expedition team in this niche, which goes beyond the limits to take you to the heart of nature and make the most of your stay in the most beautiful places in the world.

Thus, by traveling with Aurora Expeditions, passengers will be able to live magical moments on land, incredible encounters with fauna and flora, an intimate and friendly atmosphere specific to traveling aboard a ship on a human scale.